Katie Riddle

Chief Financial Officer

(855) 216-5560

“That’s not in the budget!”
—Katie Riddle
Katie graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in English Language and Literature and a minor in Business Administration. She worked for a commercial asset services company in Columbia, SC for five years as an accountant while continuing her education in Accounting at the University of South Carolina. She joined SEJ Services in October 2014 with experience in property management accounting procedures and now serves as Director of Accounting and Human Resources in our Charleston corporate office. Katie works to improve company-wide bookkeeping, reporting, and analytics procedures as well as maintain our status as a responsible, compliant, and progressive employer capable of offering the highest levels of employee recruitment, retention, and customer satisfaction. Katie has also served the Lowcountry community for the past three years as a member, and now Board Member, of the Charleston Junior Woman’s Club, a non-profit organization of “women building better communities through volunteer action.”