About SEJ Services

SEJ Services is a forward-thinking commercial facility services company founded on three core principles – efficiency, integrity, and ingenuity. We utilize emerging technology to facilitate better communication; advanced equipment for faster, healthier results; and environment-conscious supplies that are safe for your employees and our planet.

SEJ Services was founded in 2011 in Charleston, SC and now provides services to companies all over the Southeast. As a privately-owned company, SEJ Services reports only to its customers. We have no investors or shareholders to answer to, or franchising fees that increase our bottom line. Our organization and resources are structured solely to satisfy our customers and their needs.

Our goal is to become the best-positioned, most-trusted choice for facility services throughout the Southeastern United States. As we continue to expand, we rely on our extensive experience, proven processes, and robust structure to maintain our strategic growth plan while consistently providing the high level of service that our customers depend on. We pursue this mission in a variety of ways.

Focusing on Customers

We view the relationship between the customer and our company as a true partnership. We work one-on-one with every customer to identify opportunities and provide comprehensive solutions to help them run and grow their business. Our commitment to integrity, communication, and excellence is the foundation for the long-term relationships we build with our customers.

Streamlining the Process

Our model is based on the on-site account manager, who acts as the single point of contact for our customers. The on-site account manager works closely with the customer to identify needs, and is then responsible for hiring, training, and motivating the team to get the job done. This model streamlines the process, saving our customers time while providing the support and results they need to run their business.

Leveraging Technology

Utilizing the latest in technology, we are able to offer unparalleled communication between us and our customer, something that is frequently a challenge in the industry. We use a work order system that is fully customizable for each facility, making assigning tasks, setting priorities, and tracking completion efficient and effective.