Safety Tip of the Day
Are the wheels chocked before unloading or loading the trailer?

Safety is a top priority at SEJ Services. We know that a clean, well-maintained facility is a safe facility and we are committed to providing the reliable janitorial and maintenance services that create a safe environment for your employees. We are also committed to continuously training our employees so they bring high levels of safety standards into your workplace.

Safety Training for All SEJ Employees

All our new-hire employees complete online safety training videos and tests before their first day of work and must retake the test on an annual basis thereafter. Training records are audited on a quarterly basis to ensure all employees are up to date on training. We also engage employees in safety awareness through continuous efforts to keep safety top of mind.

In addition, our workers are trained on-site to facility-specific safety standards to enable them to do their jobs safely and accurately. We are especially mindful of safety concerns when working with large equipment or machinery, on the factory floor, or in industrial settings, where accidents are most likely to happen.

Helping You Maintain Safety

One of the many services we offer is staffing safety officers for your business. SEJ Services can work closely with your internal safety team to identify safety issues to address.

The on-site account manager can hire and train safety officers to help enforce your safety program. Our safety officers can help you in your safety efforts by, for example, ensuring employees are wearing their Personal Protective Equipment, checking that fire doors are closed, and making sure walkways are unobstructed. We partner with you to prioritize safety and reduce employee accidents.

Safety Comes First

Safety is a large part of our culture here at SEJ Services. This is not just something we give lip service to, but an important value of ours. We are proud to have been recognized for our outstanding dedication to safety efforts by the World Safety Organization, receiving both the World Safety Organization’s Educational Award and the World Safety Organization’s Concerned Professional Award.

When you work with SEJ Services, you can be sure you are working with a team of professionals dedicated to putting safety first.