Michael Kline

Chief Operating Officer

(855) 216-5560

“We are dedicated to providing the best performance, customer service, and responsiveness to our customers and their facilities.”

—Michael Kline

Michael Kline graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a minor in History from Louisiana State University in 2013. He began his professional career as a Human Resources Consultant in the Compensation Division of the Louisiana Department of State Civil Service, where he evaluated, reviewed, and ensured compliance with the State Civil Service Code across dozens of Louisiana Public Departments. Michael joined the SEJ Services team in 2015 as District Manager and has since transitioned into the position of Branch Manager.

Michael also served as a founding and board member of Health Initiative Abroad, Inc., a non-profit organization founded to fundraise and raise awareness of sustainable health and wellness abroad. Michael led multiple volunteer trips to provide medical equipment, recreational equipment, and educational supplies to a boarding school in Amatongas, Mozambique, Africa.