On-Site Account Management

SEJ Services utilizes an on-site account management model. This provides the most streamlined and efficient way to help your company get the services and support it needs.

Your on-site account manager from SEJ Services is your main point of contact and is in charge of overseeing the coordination of services and staffing depending on your needs. Your on-site account manager assesses needs, recruits and hires workers, and trains them on-site. SEJ Services interviews ten people on average for every hire, and we are particular when it comes to training workers to the highest levels of excellence and safety.

The on-site account manager model reduces the amount of time your company spends on coordinating support services and filling roles while ensuring you get what you need to run your business right.


Reliable and thorough janitorial services are essential for every commercial business. SEJ Services offers full nighttime and daytime cleaning services to commercial offices, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and other large spaces.

Security Services

Highly trained and managed Security Officers oversee command post operations, safety compliance, concierge services and COVID screening for all types of facilities and organizations. SEJ Services works closely with your facility team to create processes and procedures that will lead to a safer work environment for your employees, tenants, and customers.

General Labor

General labor staffing can help with a variety of jobs according to your needs, whether that is part-time or full-time. Your on-site account manager will work closely with you to determine your labor needs, then recruit, hire, and train staff to the highest levels of safety to get the job done, so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Production Labor

Production labor supports your business by providing labor where you need it most: on the factory floor. Your on-site account manager will handle everything from hiring to training to managing, ensuring high production levels, efficiency, and safety.

Machine Operators

Machine operators receive on-site training to help meet your production goals. After your on-site account manager evaluates your needs, machine operators will be recruited, hired, and trained on site to the highest levels of safety and excellence.

Forklift Operators

Our forklift operators are trained to OSHA standards for safety and provide support for your warehouse and distribution center needs. Your on-site account manager will evaluate how many forklift operators you need, then hire and train them on-site to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Pickers & Packers

Pickers and packers are essential to efficient warehouse and distribution center operations. Your on-site account manager will determine how much help your business needs, then hire, train, and manage pickers and packers to meet your labor needs.

Pallet Optimization

Pallet optimization is essential for the efficient and smooth running of a warehouse. Our pallet optimization services ensure pallets are optimally and safely loaded, stacked, and wrapped to keep production levels high.

Consumable Supplies Management

SEJ Services can manage inventory and stocking of consumable supplies at your facility to ensure your customers and employees have what they need, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Sweeper & Scrubber Operations

Sweepers and scrubbers provide the most efficient way to clean large floor surfaces. We offer sweeper and scrubber services to keep industrial flooring safe, clean, and attractive.

Overhead & Rack Cleaning

Overhead cleaning and rack cleaning services keep spaces safe and clean for employees by removing potentially combustible dust particles and debris from hard-to-access spaces in warehouses, distribution centers, and other large facilities.

Machine Cleaning

Keeping machinery clean and in good repair is essential to maintaining safety standards and extending the life of the machine. We offer machine cleaning, paying particular attention to safety and careful handling of complex machinery.

Recycling & Waste Programs

Site-specific recycling and waste programs are tailored to meet your facility’s unique demands. We take care of the logistics of collecting and disposing of recycling and waste material so you can focus on running your business.

Tractor Trailer Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an extremely efficient way to clean tractor-trailers, which can become very dirty in the course of work. We offer pressure washing to clean the exterior and interior surfaces of tractor-trailers.

Day Porter Services

Day porters keep your facility in order throughout the day for the safety, comfort, and convenience of employees and customers. In addition to keeping common areas clean, they can help with a variety of additional tasks as needed.

Window Washing

External window washing keeps your facility looking professional and appealing to customers and employees alike. Interior window washing removes potentially combustible dust particles and debris, improving safety in warehouses and other facilities.

Floor Care

Clean floors are safe floors. We provide regular cleaning, periodical deep cleaning, and care for all kinds of flooring, including carpeting, wood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, ceramic, marble, porcelain, and concrete.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an efficient and effective method of cleaning interior and exterior surfaces to keep your facility looking clean and professional. We offer pressure washing surfaces to clean walls, roofs, floors, driveways, and more.


Keep the area around your facility as safe and attractive as the interior. We offer full landscaping and grounds services year-round to the facilities we service.